Saturday, January 20, 2007

Trashball 012007: Milo's Tooth

Shambling around the house in stockinged feet, I came up short after painfully stepping on something very hard. This is what it was. It is the third of my dear cat Milo's four canines (or is it "felines" for pussycats?) to take leave of his struggling oral cavity.

Still, the old boy manages to tear through food, wet and dry alike. I just hope the remaining long tooth lasts a while or I'll have to get him fitted for dentures.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Trashball 011107: To Rent an Auto

Postcard message, dated November 2, 1913, reads:

As you have probably read in the papers the strike is on here but may not think it serious I thought I would better write + tell you not to let Alice come till we tell you. Not a car in the City running since [illegible] night about 11 o'clock + you know we couldn't possibly walk + wouldn't want to rent an auto. Will let you know soon Love to all Alice

I found a little bit about the strike here.

Trashball 082875: Love in the Capital Centre

August 28, 1975 and a set of lips rivaled only by Mick Jagger was pushing out songs: Steve Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith landed in Landover, Maryland, at the long-since-gone Capital Centre. Only one month earlier, "Sweet Emotion" had entered the charts. That's a good-ass song.