Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trashball 042311: Moth, Rah!

Look at this beautiful moth I found under the hood of my car today while I was checking my air filter.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Roanoke, Virginia 1974

Postcard mailed to Roanoke from Coos Bay, OR on 7/2/1974, depicts the Holiday Motel in Coos Bay. Message: Fishing & lagging comprise the economy. Scenery is beautiful -- roads are awful. Hundreds of miles up & down Bent Mountain - cattle crossings & all - rock slides. Will get fat as a bear - fried clams (fresh) fresh salmon, shrimp in butter. Need you with me. Love, The Baby. I'll mail this to Roanoke address tomorrow.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Frankfort, Indiana 1963

Postcard mailed to Frankfort, IN from Colter Bay, WY on 7/29/1963, depicts the Challenger Inn. Message: Hi -- We just left Sun Valley after two marvelous days. We ice skated this morning and ate lunch yesterday and today at The Ram. The music camp is in full swing here. We saw the Sun Valley Ice Carnival last nite. Love from the Campers. I'll mail this to Frankfort address tomorrow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Trashball 04152011: Out Loud

You know, it is different when you say it out loud. Source: my ancient crate of Trashball material.

Response to St Albans, England postcard

Here's the original postcard. The sender also kindly enclosed a modern postcard of the Roman Theatre in Verulamium in St. Albans. Click on the image to embiggen.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Hobart, Indiana 1964

Hobart, IN postcard mailed 6/17/1964 from Washington, DC. Message: Hi Mrs. P.C.!!! As you can see by the postmark, I've decided to show the legislators how to get on the ball personally. Denny Smith. I'll mail this to Hobart address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Edgewood, Rhode Island 1949

Edgewood (now Cranston), RI postcard mailed 12/30/1949 from Boston, depicts the Boston Custom House. Message: Dear Mom:- This morning we slept until 10:00 then we took the elevated railway into Boston. It was lots of fun. Tomorrow we are to "do the town." It is a very nice place tell you all about it later. Love, Jill I'll send this to RI address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Hartford, Connecticut 1923

Hartford postcard mailed 8/10/1923 from Providence, RI, depicts the Normal School and State Capitol. Message: Hello Anna:- How do you like scene in Prov. Ask Rob to show you the Postcard I sent him. Going out riding now. Alice. I'll mail this to Hartford address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Naperville, Illinois ca 1970s

Naperville, IL postcard mailed from Peru sometime in the 1970s (probably), depicts the Window of the Snakes in Machupicchu. Message: Meine Lieben Alle: I just returned from Machupicchu It was probably the highlight of the whole trip. Except for the short stay in Lima, we really spent most of our time in the wilderness that's why you received so little mail. [Illegible] is 3.326 m above sea, a fascinating town. This morning we have a tour of the town. The Incas were great architects. I am longing for Davey. How is he? Food is excellent everywhere, much better than in Mexico. If only I could speak Spanish. Love, [signature]. I'll mail this to Naperville address tomorrow.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

"Response" to 1957 Ravenna, Ohio Postcard

Haha, not much of a response, and they sent the postcard back to me.

Postcard Diaspora: New Haven, Connecticut 1906

Postcard mailed to New Haven 8/2/1906 from Norfolk, VA, depicts the Hampton Institute in Hampton, VA on an advertising postcard for the Old Dominion Line. Message: Suppose you are thinking of me and wonder if I am sick. As I write you can feel the boat rock. Hope for a moon-light night. Yours, Ed. [P.S.] Could not take any picture as it was too cloudy. [On board O.D.S.S. Co.'s S.S.] Hamilton Wed. Aug. 1st 1906 I'll mail this to New Haven address tomorrow.

By the way, looks like the steamship Hamilton got into some trouble back in October 1900.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1966

Pittsburgh postcard mailed 8/11/1966 from Wildwood, NJ, depicts a sailboat at sunset. Message: I feel silly writing this when I know I'll be home a wk. before you get it. We plan to go surf riding (on horses) a then surf riding (California style) yet this wk. I'll tell you ALL about it! Love, Judi. I'll mail this to Pittsburgh address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Horseheads, New York 1966

Horseheads, NY postcard mailed 4/11/1966 from Falls Church, VA depicts Jefferson Memorial during Cherry Blossom time. Message: Hi! Here we are. back as far as Washington. Came in especially to see the cherry blossoms. Quite cool. We miss that Florida sunshine Hope all well there. Be home in a few days. H&H. I'll mail this to Horseheads address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Washington, DC 1952

Washington, DC postcard mailed 6/11/1952 from Webster, NY depicts lilacs in Rochester, NY's Highland Park. Message: Hello girls, sure thought you be in PA. to see me before I left for this wilderness. Doing all right, feeling fine, always cool air blowing in from the lake. Love to you both Emil. I'll mail this to DC address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Oberlin, Ohio 1967

Oberlin, OH postcard mailed 5/10/1967 from Edinburgh, Scotland, depicts The Hydro, Bowness-On-Windermere in the English Lakes District. Message: Since we started our 6 day tour the weather is fine. First minute I have had to write. You can have Nassau!! 22 of us on this bus. Love, Francis. I'll mail this to Oberlin address tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Washington, DC 1956

Washington, DC, postcard mailed 8/12/1956 (I think) from Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, depicts the famous Green Gables house. Message: "Greetings from Prince Edward Island. We have had a very enjoyable trip so far Weather generally good - cool & mostly fair Bunny" I'll mail this to DC address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Bellmore, New York 1963

Bellmore, NY postcard mailed 8/13/1963 from Peterborough, NH, depicts colonial interior at the NH Historical Society in Concord. Message: "Dear Frieda, I am having a wonderful time. I am staying in a hotel. I like it. Love Margarita [in another hand] All the best from N. Hampshire [signature]" I'll mail this to Bellmore address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Beverly, Massachusetts 1968

Beverly, MA postcard mailed 7/5/1968 from Vista, CA, depicts a scenic view of lupine and poppies. Message: "Dear May & All. the sliver [silver?] Club. Thanks for the nice card's. Hope to see you soon Marion Nelson" I'll mail this to Beverly address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Altoona, Pennsylvania 1965

Altoona, PA postcard mailed 12/2/1965 from Phoenix, AZ, depicts a scenic scene of Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus. Message: "Hi. Here all safe and sound. Not too tired Had a nice trip and a nice Thanksgiving. Had some rain and I got a cold. Beautifu today and cold left when sun shine came. Phoenix a nice city, but too big for me. I will write a letter soon. Trying to send a card to folks. Love, [signature]" I'll mail this to original address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Response to Winchester, Virginia 1972 Postcard

Got a reply today from the current resident of the house I mailed the 1972 Winchester postcard to: "Dear Mr. Goodwin, Thank you for the wonderful postcard sent to the ______'s when they owned our home. They operated _______'s studio for many years, somewhat famous for taking school pictures of students in the area. Best wishes, [signature]"

Monday, April 04, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Naugatuck, Connecticut 1944

Naugatuck, Connecticut postcard mailed 7/6/1944 from Wilkes-Barre, PA depicts the Meyers High School. Message: "Hi Hank; Should see the big building they have here And the coal mines I have something for you. Hope you like it. Sophie" I'll mail this to original address tomorrow.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Roxbury, Massachusetts 1906

Roxbury, MA postcard mailed 8/13/1906 from Boston, MA, depicts the Temple of Mirth, Paragon Park in Nantasket Beach, MA. Message: "Wilbur is all right it was just from the heat. Kiss Gladys for her auntie. Your loving sister Edna." I'll mail this to Roxbury address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Keene, New Hampshire 1908

I can't actually mail this to the original address because, like so many early postcards, it was only mailed to a name and a town, with no street address. Nevertheless, it has an interesting message: "Wed. eve. We start at seven in the morning for New York. Had a fine time. 'Teddy' received us in the East room of the White House this afternoon. Gena E. Stone"

I walked past the increasingly barricaded White House this very day. There were loads of tourists and two demonstrations, Vietnamese folks from all over the USA calling for a democratic uprising in Vietnam and a group of Syrians calling for the same in their country. But it occurs to me that Theodore Roosevelt's administration was probably the last one that had open houses, where regular folk could just go in and meet their president.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Pitman, New Jersey 1954

Postcard mailed to Pitman, New Jersey 7/29/1954 from Florence, Italy, depicts Il Duomo, or the Cathedral, in a colored B&W real-photo postcard. Message: "Most perfect dome in world" I'll mail this to original address tomorrow.