Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Postcard Diaspora: Hanover, Pennsylvania, 1936

Postcard mailed from Yellow Springs, Ohio, to Hanover, Pennsylvania, on September 23, 1936. Message: Just down here for a weekend vacation. Would you send me Mary's address in Washington? You do owe me a letter, you bum. I am positive, this time. Your friend, Johnson. Virginia is working in Dayton this division. I'll mail this to the Hanover address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Miami, Florida, 1988

Postcard mailed from Bronx, New York, to Miami, Florida, on March 21, 1988. Message: Hi Sylvia, It was a nice sunny day so went to Race Track I enjoyed the day but lost a few dollars. That's O.K. I'll be back to win again soon. I was happy to hear you are doing well & getting around. God bless you & all. Truly Phil. I'll mail this to the Miami address tomorrow.

Postcard Diaspora: Fremont, Ohio, 1968

Postcard mailed from Valdosta, Georgia, to Fremont, Ohio, on November 9, 1968. Message: Dear Christine, The weather is fine. Will see you next week. don't start mail delivery till the 4th please. What is the latest news? Anything exciting happen? Will have to hurry now and do my Christmas shopping & baking. Kathryn & Albert. I'll mail this to the Fremont address tomorrow.