Thursday, June 23, 2011

Response to 1949 Yorkshire, England Postcard

Original postcard entry here.

"Dear Christopher
Firstly, i would like to apologies for not getting back to you sooner on receiving the magical postcard you sent us.
We live at 30 V______ Road Huddersfield Yorkshire England.
When I first picked up your letter I was immediately intrigued, and this was before i opened it. I made myself a coffee and indulged myself with a cigarette to aid my contemplation of its contents. I knew of course that whoever had sent the letter did not know us by name, only that we where the current occupants to whom it had been addressed.
It is not uncommon to find 'current occupant' letters in our post box and they are normally disposed of without a further thought, but this one was different, not least so because it had clearly traveled a long distance. And yet even with the puzzlement of someone from the United States sending an unnamed letter i eventually prepared myself for the disappointment of discovering yet another flier intent on selling us something ( all be it with an admittedly ingenious method). My cynicism was happily blown out of the water when i discovered your wonderful gift and i cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful generosity, everyone we have shown it to since has been enthusiastically charmed .
Beyond this and probably the most incredible coincidence is that my youngest daughter is called Eden, the name of the sender of the postcard some 50 or so years ago from what i can make out, this all prompted a playful conversation that she might be some sort of time traveller.
Once again, thank you so much Christopher you have graced us with a sheer delight and we will treasure it and keep it safe in a frame.

With very best wishes
Stephen, Lisa, Taome and Eden H______. x
ps am I right in assuming that you are an artist (deduced from your e mail address), only that would be another great coincidence as i am an artist also."