Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Trashball 022807: Basset Hound to the Rescue

Don't send me a St. Bernard—send me this Bassett Hound bottle for me and my five snowbound friends. His little red nose is a cork, his tail is a handle, and he brings 6 cups. Come, avalanche, come.

Trashball 022807: Mayonnaise Dressing

Recovered from an estate sale in Falls Church, Virginia. Note early spelling of "blender" in this fun-without-end 1947 cookbook that came with purchase of a Waring BLENDOR. Every page has a different illustration of the skilled and wacky blender. I definitely have to try the "Mineral Oil Mayonnaise."

Trashball 022807: Tahiti Anchorage

Recovered in Bethesda, Maryland, among old letters in trash. Somebody did a nice rendering in ballpoint pen of a boat christened "Ciao". Somebody else threw it away.

Trashball 022807: Rep. Mark Foley Is a Dirty Man

Filthy name tag recovered on Capitol Hill. His name has deservedly been dragged through the mud.