Monday, November 26, 2018

Postcard Diaspora: Cedar Falls, IA 1919

Postcard mailed from Manchester, Iowa, to Cedar Falls, Iowa, on November 17, 1919. Message: Dear Amber, How do you like this fine weather? Papa is feeling a good deal better. He got some medicine when he came home from C.F. You had a good surprise didn't you? With love, Mamma. I'll mail this to the Cedar Falls address today.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Postcard Diaspora: Saugus, MA, 1943

Postcard mailed from Ontario, Canada, to Saugus, Massachusetts, in 1943. Message: This is where Arthur was fishing on Sunday. Took some pictures of Arthur casting, and I do hope that they are good. Our vacation has been so fine. We are feeling worlds better. Arthur is getting more and more wind and sun tanned. He's feeling perfectly fine now. Love, Alice. I'll mail this to the Saugus address today.

Postcard Diaspora: Portland, ME, circa 1920

Postcard mailed from Hankow, China, to Portland, Maine, circa 1920. Message: Going but not gone yet. We are at Hankow for over the fourth and then will finish a 1200 mile trip up river to Ichang. Hope to be back in Shanghai by last of August and home by fall. Phil. I'll mail this to the Portland address today.