Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I Guess Baghdad Is Out, Too

Within a month, my fiancee, Phung (link to her glorious blog at right) and I will embark for our marriage/honeymoon. We're doing what is known in the wedding industry—and lord know's it's an industry—as a "destination wedding". Italy's Amalfi Coast is our likely destination, but it occurred to me today that there are probably some smoking (literally, perhaps) hotel/vacation package deals in Beirut about now.

If we've learned anything from the recent unhappiness in Lebabnon, it's that Beirut had, through grit and determination, re-emerged as the prime tourist spot it once was before all the havoc of the late 20th century. Wasn't it known as the "jewel of the Mediterranean" or something?

Phung has nixed the idea of Beirut nuptials, and I probably would not have ultimately wanted to go just now, being American and all; it was our bombs we supplied to Israel that has blown them back to Square One, after all. Even wearing one of my Bush Is Vile shirts would do little to appease the understandable anti-Americanism that runs rampant through that unfortunate country.

That said, I hope that I will someday be able to spend my meager tourist dollars in that lovely spot.


Anonymous said...

Christopher ... when are you going to the Amalfi coast? Karena and I will be in Sorrento 10/21-23 ... any chance you'll be there at the same time, maybeeee??


shoofly said...

i was in beirut a week before the bombing started for my brother's brother and his wife went to the amalfi coast for their honeymoon, celebrated as the italians won the world cup, then an hour after they landed back at the airport in beirut the runway was bombed. anyways, i managed to travel farther south and north than i'd ever been before and posted a ton of pics on my blog. Click here for a post that has links to all my lebanon photo posts.