Saturday, September 16, 2006

One Down, Three to Go: Andy Rourke Is a Lovely Fellow

Just 4 weeks after getting "Still Ill" [title of a Smiths song] tattooed on my forearm, the stars aligned in such a way that I got to meet a former Smith, the Smiths being a band I unabashedly revere.
Andy Rourke was in town to DJ at Rock n' Roll Hotel, a new venue on H St., NE, here in DC. As luck would have it, Phung and I have become friends with Coby, who's married to RnR's co-owner. These felicitous circumstances led to a very relaxed 30 minutes visiting with the superb former Smiths bassist.
I labored to avoid discussing his history with the band, a topic that I would imagine he gets a bit tired of discussing with wide-eyed acolytes, though I confess it came up a couple of times, with only one elliptical reference to Morrissey. Mostly, though, we talked politics, marriage, the molecular structure of Balian sand, the emerging dialectic in the great Hobo Debate (tip of the hat to John Hodgeman), and our favorite Peruvian porn stars.
Anyhow, thanks Andy. You are a very nice old bean and Phung and I had a dilly of a time.

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Anonymous said...

You lucky guy! You certainly earned it after branding your entire forearm. (I am seriously jonesing to get my wrist lyrics done now, only a matter of finding a decent tattoo artist).
I looked at the Trashbin project as well and I really love the concept.
I have a blog too at wordpress, though it may not be as inclusive as yours, I did just update for the first time in ages. I'll add you to the blogroll thing or whatever the hell they call when I figure out how to =)