Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Trashball 040407: "You should have heard the screams..."

I have fond but dim memories of driving to Florida in the 1970s and staying in oceanfront motels, but I still want to take such a trip in the 1950s. Don't think it's going to happen except vicariously through cards like this. Click on image to read it.

Recovered in Hyattsville, MD.


Alison said...

I found you via the BBC News website. Great stuff! I'm a trash collector/treasure finder, as well, so this is absolutely fascinating for me.

stblaize said...

Yeah, I found you via BBC, too. I really like the trashball idea. Thanks for thinking of it, and also for the fine collection of links you have on your BLARG here.

BK said...

Splendid, fascinating stuff. Could you show us the process how you "ball-ize" these things?