Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Morally Bankrupt

I just went through the questionable exercise of watching the Republican presidential debate on CNN. It was mostly a lot of nonsense, reactionary bullshit, but one questioner (it was in the YouTube format) was, I thought, very poignant.
A very dignified elderly man—a retired Brigadier General in the U.S. Army—asked why the candidates believed the military was not professional enough to have openly gay and lesbian servicemembers among their ranks. The general revealed himself to be gay and, it turned out, was in the audience.
Three candidates were asked to respond. First, the cipher Duncan Hunter had the disgusting wherewithal to look the questioner in the eye and answer the 40-year veteran that his type destroyed unit cohesion. Then Mitt Romney—a political robot if ever there was one—gave a similar answer. Finally, John McCain, for whom for some reason I cling to as a reasonable Republican, gave an even more awful answer because it was cloaked in respect for the general's service; he told this lovely man that the ridiculous don't ask-don't tell policy was a good policy.
I'm completely disgusted by the inhumanity. The horrible responses to this man—notwithstanding the various noxious policy positions help by the GOP—convince me that the Republican Party is morally bankrupt. I'm saddened but not surprised. A pox on them.

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treat dc said...

Nothing new, and sadly, nor is it surprising.