Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Trashball 110309: A Snuggie Christmas

Today I found upon the linoleum floor of my local Safeway a list. I assume it's a Christmas list and, while I hate to be a spoiler, I doubt that listed recipients read this desolate "web log".

Anyhow, some people are gonna get a lot of Snuggie shit, boy howdy! Also long johns, socks, 'n' sweaters! A few black sheep are slated to get other products, among them San francisco '49ers gear and boots. "Bre" gets a coat. Cindy gets something called a "brown northface" in addition to perfume, which, though worn, is the only thing on this list that I can confidently say has no true insulating use.

"Nehru" gets a hat, in addition to socks.

Only "Gene" get a full "sweatsuit". "Charminika", you're getting boots only. I hope they're thigh high and I hope you're really hot.

The overridingly positive thing about this list is that it discloses a large family and friends. Whoever made the list still has a "Grandma" to think about (I haven't had a grandparent in decades), in addition to the odd "Antwyone" and "Tilwanda."

Hope Linda gets her sweater.

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