Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Response to 1944 South Berwick, Maine Postcard

Heard back from the present recipient of the 1944 postcard sent to South Berwick, ME.

Dear Chris, My name is __________ and I live at ______ Street, South Berwick, Maine. I received the post card you sent to my address dated 1944. What a gas. I loved getting it. Thank you so much.

I bought this house eight years ago and just finished renovating it last year. It is a lovely 150 year old historic home in a little village ten miles from the sea in Maine.

I am very attached to the house and it's history.

I think what you are doing with the post cards is so neat. I collected old post cards twenty years ago and enjoyed imagining the people who wrote them and received them. But to send them to the present owner is really great. Thank you for taking the time to pass it on to me.

This reminds me of the time when I was living on this little island, Block Island,RI, and found a message in a bottle.

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