Monday, July 23, 2012

Response to 1974 Roanoke, Virginia Postcard Mailing

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Dear Mr. Goodwin,
I'm writing in regard to a letter a neighbor received and gave to my cousin (who procrastinates!). The letter, 'POSTCARD DIASPORA', was written on April 19, 2011. It was just given to me by my cousin, who lives in Florida, but rents the house I grew up in so she can live in Virginia (where she also grew up) during the summer.
  The post card was addressed to 'Resident', 511 A---- Ave. SE, Roanoke, Va. 24014. This is the house next door to where I grew up (which is 515 A---- Ave. SE). The 'Resident' is not one to respond to mail like this so she gave it to my cousin. My cousin is just now getting it to me! I hope this makes sense!!! Anyway, I will mail the post card back to you but thought I would go ahead and email a response since it has taken so long for anyone to respond.
   Actually, the message just doesn't make sense to me, because Bent Mountain is within 10 miles of Roanoke (where we live) and 'she' is talking about getting fat off of fresh fried clams, fresh salmon and shrimp. Roanoke is not near the shore - you probably know where it is but if you don't, it is about 40 miles east of Blacksburg (Virginia Tech). The post card is from Coos Bay, Oregon - which, of course, would have seafood. But I am having a very hard time reading the card and a very hard time reading the date. It looks like 1974. I cannot remember when Mr. C------ died, but I guess it was before '74. It is signed 'The Baby' so I would think that is Sue Jo, the 'baby' of the family. So let me tell you about the family.

   Mr. C------ was President of the bus company in Roanoke. Sue Jo C------ was the youngest and ended up living in California. I'm pretty sure she is in Las Vegas now. (I saw her about 10 yrs. ago. She never married but had a 'significant other'. He was very good looking! The rest of the girls married and there was at least one brother. One of the sisters was in Texas.). She was a little older than my brother, who would have been 70 in Sept. I think Sue Jo was about 3 years older. She was the youngest. The one older sister I remember the most was Virginia. She died a few years ago. I am going to have to look up some more information and talk to my sister (she's in Alexandria, VA). She remembers everything and everybody, as did my brother. And oh how I wish you could have talked to Blanch - the lady directly across the street from the C------s. She died in 2003, but she could have told you so much (about anybody on the street or anywhere)!! But she was a great lady!
   I guess I'm getting carried away. I just feel like everyone is gone and it brings back so many memories. But I'm not telling you what you want to hear. Sorry.
  Actually, I'll go ahead and send this. I'm going to have to look for my envelopes because my condo is turned completely upside down and all the furniture on end. I had the carpets taken up and laminate floors put down because the allergist told me too. (He didn't offer to pay for it though!!) But I really love my floors - even with the unbelievable mess. I tried very hard to stay organized - it just didn't work and I have a LOT of cleaning to do!
   That's probably one reason I 'going on at the mouth'! I'm beat and don't want to get up!! He just finished today and now the cleaning starts!
   Anyway, I'll find a stamp and an envelope and send you the card. Then maybe you could ask me some questions and I'll try and be more specific and not ramble on!
   Also, I'll try to find out more about the family that I have forgotten and am sure Becky remembers. They were really nice people and I remember they took me to a relative's home 'out of town' in the country somewhere when my sister was born (to give mother a break, I guess!). I remember being very welcome (I was 8) and had a good time.

Hope I haven't jabbered too much. It just brings back to mind a great neighborhood and many really great people!



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