Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Postcard Diaspora: Ravenna, OH, 1970

Postcard mailed from Copenhagen, Denmark to Ravenna, Ohio, on August 29, 1970. Message: Hi folks. Weather is fine here. The plane did not make me sick. Love, Helen. Also, next to the caption, which reads "Our Savior's Church. Tower can be climbed on outside staircase," Aunt Frances wrote, "We didn't." I'll mail this to the Ravenna address today.

By the way, here is the note that I enclose with every postcard I mail back:

Hello, I’m an artist and writer based near Washington, DC. I’ve long been fascinated by often overlooked everyday objects that nevertheless have their own specific history.
 With this in mind, I purchased old postcards in bulk to re-send to their original destination as a way for current residents to connect their home to the past. Postcards are so often thrown out and ephemeral; I enjoy the frozen moments in time they provide, no matter how banal the messages they bear may be. I hope you don’t mind receiving the enclosed postcard. I encourage any feedback you might have, so please email me at [my email] or write to me at [my address].

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