Monday, September 09, 2013

Postcard Diaspora: St. Petersburg, FL, 1964

Postcard mailed from Ouray, Colorado, to St. Petersburg, Florida, on April 15, 1964. Message: No I did not know that [illegible] was in hospital, I knew she was not well. Might it be good for both of you to come to the mountains? We still have lots of snow, but I walked on green grass on south side of house to-day in beautiful sunshine. We followed TV through McArthur services and Anchorage reports. Wilbur Morris (Walter’s cousin) lives in Anchorage. He visited us last summer. Ruth had written us, is to marry a friend of hers June 6, and she asked him to plan to spend a few days with her before the wedding. He was not hurt but would be very busy. Love, Walter and Ada. I'll mail this to the St. Petersburg address today.

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