Friday, March 23, 2007

Trashball 032307: Poetaster II

A terrible bit of blank verse written on the back of a pink "While You Were Out" slip (incidentally, do they even make those anymore in the age of voicemail?). Given that it is signed "Love always, Michael", it's pretty hilarious that he clearly was confused on the spelling of the name of the unfortunate girl he wrote it for. Here now, is the poem:

A vision
with peace
through thought
from the third eye
out the mouth
to my ears
and pushes me

Yechh. The large indent before "Nirvana" really grates. Michael strikes me as the earnest type of sensitive fellow who date-rapes passed out girls at Phish concerts.

Don't remember where I found this.


Anonymous said...

What a calloussed and completely unkind remark. You remind me of a guy that beats women. Why don't you go spend some money on some anger management therapy? If a simple poem can incite this kind o hatred in you, you are likely one evil bastard.

Guy Clinch said...

Michael, is that you?

Anonymous said...

the two chinese characters at the top of the sheet also say "to understand" and "to see", respectively... weird...