Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Personal Trashball

I've been rummaging through boxes for crap to sell on eBay lately and it's been nothing if not a Proustian exercise. Among some of my effects, I found these three items. First is a sticker I designed for a campaign we at PETA were working on during the summer of 1988 (I think) to ban the carriage-horse trade. That was a long, hot summer, and we spent every day on the National Mall videotaping and taking notes of the horses' condition.
Next is a picture from circa 1992 of my brother Mike, looking suitably impressed by what must be either the worst or best wallpaper ever designed, manufactured, and installed. This was in a remote Canadian village somewhere, on our way to a fishing trip. (Yes, by this time, I was no longer affiliated with PETA.)

And here is a shot of the shadows cast during a partial solar eclipse sometime while I was in college, probably around 1993. The ten minutes or so it lasted were sublime. The light and air were honeyed and the best place to look was at the ground, where the leaves in the trees cast these amazing elliptical shadows.

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