Monday, February 11, 2008

Help Barack Obama and Yours Truly at the Same Time

Particularly useful for those who have already donated the legal maximum to Obama's campaign, I'm pledging to donate half of the final sale price (up to the allowable maximum) of this painting (click to go to eBay auction) I'm auctioning on eBay. And I'm throwing in free shipping!
An erstwhile John Edwards supporter, I'm now fully backing Sen. Obama.


Chris said...

I would so buy it if only you'd give the $$ to Hillary!

Guy Clinch said...

Well, I can promise you that if she winds up being the nominee I will support her, though bringing the Clintonian dynastic psychodramas back to the White House unnerves me a bit. Go to and buy a different painting then—I'll give you a 10% discount and you can do whatever you like with the savings, whether sending it to Hillary or buying a carton of bobby pins.