Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Trashball 040108: Three Mysterious Boulders Float off Chile's Coast

(SANTIAGO, Apr. 1, 2008) The above photo was recently taken by a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) droning off the coast of Chile, purportedly doing "oceanographic" research for the government of Peru. It is widely believed, however, that Peru was conducting surveillance of the Chilean naval force when it came across this most extraordinary grouping of floating boulders. While Chile and Peru engage in a diplomatic row over the UAV—during already tense international times on the South American continent—scientists the world over are at a loss to explain the passing strange phenomenon of the floating boulders which, despite their almost fluorescent coloration, are estimated to comprise the area of Piqua, Ohio. "I just don't get it," said Sanji Mehta, a geological administrative assistant somewhat near Le Sorbonne in Paris. Equally flummoxed was Stan Greenly, an evolutionary janitor several miles from Harvard. "I always thought rocks and stuff sank."

The rocks, of course, came from a construction site on Davis Avenue in Las Cruces, New Mexico (a.ka., "The Land of Go Fuck Yourself"), and were photographed on the back of my woefully underused passport.

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