Saturday, April 02, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Keene, New Hampshire 1908

I can't actually mail this to the original address because, like so many early postcards, it was only mailed to a name and a town, with no street address. Nevertheless, it has an interesting message: "Wed. eve. We start at seven in the morning for New York. Had a fine time. 'Teddy' received us in the East room of the White House this afternoon. Gena E. Stone"

I walked past the increasingly barricaded White House this very day. There were loads of tourists and two demonstrations, Vietnamese folks from all over the USA calling for a democratic uprising in Vietnam and a group of Syrians calling for the same in their country. But it occurs to me that Theodore Roosevelt's administration was probably the last one that had open houses, where regular folk could just go in and meet their president.

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