Sunday, April 10, 2011

Postcard Diaspora: Naperville, Illinois ca 1970s

Naperville, IL postcard mailed from Peru sometime in the 1970s (probably), depicts the Window of the Snakes in Machupicchu. Message: Meine Lieben Alle: I just returned from Machupicchu It was probably the highlight of the whole trip. Except for the short stay in Lima, we really spent most of our time in the wilderness that's why you received so little mail. [Illegible] is 3.326 m above sea, a fascinating town. This morning we have a tour of the town. The Incas were great architects. I am longing for Davey. How is he? Food is excellent everywhere, much better than in Mexico. If only I could speak Spanish. Love, [signature]. I'll mail this to Naperville address tomorrow.

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