Thursday, August 29, 2013

Postcard Diaspora: Delray Beach, FL, 1956

Postcard mailed from New Orleans to Delray Beach, Florida, on December 8, 1956. Message: Dear Ones:- Is about 4 o'clock. I have been up town or down. Saw inside this church. Lady on train from Baton Rouge told me how to get there. Met another gal down there in front or in lobby of Monteleone Hotel, were on Canal St & Royal, French qtr. Shopped some. Skipped tour as began to rain so came back to Depot. Enjoyed eats so much yesterday. Have some of course for rest of trip. Thanks so much for everything you did. Also for two things I failed to mention. My brain that fails to work, the things I should say, when I'm blank. Hated so much to leave you. Hope Mama was not worse today. Love to all, Pearl. [In margin] Will stretch out a little tonite, I hope. No room between seats on Gulf Wind either. Got reservation O.K. Middle of coach. It was just on the way. I'll mail this to the Delray Beach address today.

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treacleandink said...

I like that you researched the Gulf Wind and provided a link. That allows for an even more vivid image of the scene. :)