Friday, January 04, 2008

Trashball 010408: Question for a Napkin

Cathy and Doron, I have a question for you. First off, after more than 14 years, are you still together? Odds are 50-50, I suppose. And if you're not, what's left besides napkins and recrimination and regret? Do you still love each other? I devoutly hope so. If you are still together, how did you do it?

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Anonymous said...

Don't know them, but my husband and I were married a couple of weeks later -- Oct. 16, 1993 -- and we're still happily together. How did we do it? You marry the right person; you get married to take care of each other and take care with each other; you don't expect the other person to change; you're happy with yourself; you don't expect the other person to make you happy; you share the same core values; you keep your own interests, your own identity; you laugh together; you bicker; you yell; you make up; you ride out the rough patches. Repeat as needed. At least that's what works for us. Knock wood.